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Research / Education


Education, often the end product of research, is something we take great care in providing. We love to share our passion and experience with others and walk beside them on their path to developing the skills and insights they require to implement their goals. In particular, our workshops attract professional builders and building professionals, owner-builders, youth, elders and the generally curious! We love the level playing field that this diversity brings to our programs.

We offer a variety of opportunities to learn, from day long seminars, to week long workshops, to three month apprenticeships and more. Our workshops take place on the Bruce Penninsula, in Ontario, Canada - Home of The Niagara Enscarpment: A UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve!


Research and education are intimately connected and one of the great joys of building is the lifelong opportunity to learn and discover! This process involves research, planning, designing and implementing - in repetion. has been at the forefront of the contemporary resurgence of interest in natural building methodologies.


     Our particular focus has been the implementation of these materials and techniques within the highly regulated context of the building code and professional work. In 2004, with a grant from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, we authored "An Initial Material Characterization of Straw Light Clay"- which was a contributing document supporting the adoption of straw clay building systems into the International Building Code. That research, as well as recent research initiatives can be found here.

covid-19 update:

we will be on a temporary (we hope) hiatus from in-person and hands-on workshop experiences until we can gather together again

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